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  • Collection: Margaret Brock Letters

Dwight Eisenhower gives his gratitude for Margaret Brock signing the Resolution of personal commendation written by the Republican Finance Committee.

Dwight Eisenhower expresses his pleasure of seeing Margaret Brock for breakfast, and thanks her for her telegram and invitation to the Rio Blanco Ranch.

Dwight Eisenhower thanks Margaret Brock for her uplifting message which she gave during the reception of the State of the Union Address.

Dwight Eisenhower expresses his gratefulness for Margaret Brock funding his campaign.

Dwight Eisenhower urges Margaret Brock to support his campaign for the Republican Party to secure the majority in Congress.

Mamie Eisenhower sends Margaret Brock a thank you note for her supportive telegram.

Katherine Howard urges Margaret Brock to gain the women's vote to elect Dwight Eisenhower as president.

Mamie Eisenhower thanks Margaret Brock for meeting her and her husband Dwight Eisenhower at the station and gifting them with red roses.

Katherine Howard sends her appreciation for spending the day with Margaret Brock, and for Brock gifting her with gardenias.

Dwight Eisenhower thanks Margaret Brock for her previous message concerning Nixon and is grateful for her opinions on the Republican Party.
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